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Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software. It primarily helps organize one’s finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. It is also a great tool to get a bird’s eye view of your financial worth.

Money Manager includes all the basic features that 90% of users would want to see in a personal finance application. The design goals are to concentrate on simplicity and user-friendliness – something one can use everyday.

Money Manager Ex runs on Windows and Linux and an experimental build is now available for Mac OS X.

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Main Features

Intuitive. Simple, Fast, Clean
AES Encryption Support
Maintain checking, credit card, savings, stock investment accounts
Maintain and Track Fixed Assets with depreciation
Reminders for recurring Bills and Deposits
Simple one click reporting
Cash Flow Forecasting
Graphs, Piecharts
Does not require an install. Can run from a USB key.
International language support (Available in 24 languages)
Import data from any CSV format, QIF [ Microsoft Money ]
Printing, Exporting to HTML, CSV
Non-Proprietary SQLite Database
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Customer Testimonials

If it (Money Manager Ex) would have existed 7 or 8 years ago, it could have saved the planet’s people, collectively, millions of thousands of hours in keeping their accounts straight, saved thousands of hundreds of dollars by people not having to pay other people to help them straighten out their tax returns, and saved millions of dollars by people not having to invest (needlessly) in commercial financial applications, etc., etc., etc.

Arn R (Sunnyvale, USA)

Congratulations on Money Manager EX. It is one great piece of software. I just cant believe its open source. I used several tools so far to keep track of my finance but nothing made me as satisfied as your software. I see you treat it as alpha still but it looks perfectly good and usable to me.

Goran (Croatia)

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