April 9, 2020

Whois Check


Whois check lookup

Whois record of a domain shows various parameters like if the domain is available for registration or not. Secondly if already registered domain, then whois record may show you the Registrants contact details like Address, Registrant or Admin Email ID etc. Generally the registrant owner has a choice to either display his Whois information or under privacy protection policy he may keep them REDACTED FOR PRIVACY. You can submit your domain name through the form below which will return the whois record value of the domain you are looking for. Alternately you can check whois record or domain availability for registration/renewal through any one of the following links as well. Please feel free to write to us through the contact us page of our website for any assistance regarding TLD domain name registration in India or web hosting service for Linux or Windows servers. As TRUSTMEHER.com we have approx 20 years experience in the respective field of domain registration and web hosting, with a successful track record of hundreds of satisfied and happy customers.

  • domaintools.com
  • whois.net
  • who.is
  • lookup.icann.org
  • registry.in (For India specific domains like .in, co.in, org.in etc)
  • registry.ernet.in (For academic domains like ac.in , edu.in , res.in etc )