Norton AntiVirus (licensed)

Norton Antivirus Security offers excellent protection from malware, with at most a moderate impact on system performance. If you’re looking purely to shield your system from attack, you couldn’t do better.

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However, none of the Norton products offer the wide range of extra features and tools that have become common in antivirus software. If you want a hardened browser, a file shredder, a network scanner or webcam protection, check out Kaspersky’s or Bitdefender’s lines of antivirus programs.


Norton is extremely user friendly and well organized, and it doesn’t interfere too much with users’ day-to-day activities. That last part is key since security programs work best when they stay out of your way. The software also has some handy extras, like the online backup and password manager that make it an all-in-one security suite.

You certainly have to pay for the privilege, however. Symantec will give you a really nice discount for your first year—45 percent off—but don’t be fooled, as you’ll ultimately be paying $110 for the privilege of running Norton Security Premium.

Still, if you feel you’ll get your money’s worth, Norton is an excellent choice for a security suite.

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