McAfee Antivirus (licensed)

McAfee’s Windows antivirus lineup can cover all the devices of a large family. All of the company’s products come with a file shredder, many have an excellent password manager, and the top end offers backup software. Many of the products can be installed on up to 10, and perhaps more, devices using a single license.

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On the downside, McAfee’s antivirus software won’t let you opt out of system-data collection, and it uses an excessive amount of system resources.

However, its malware protection has benefited from a new detection engine that debuted and has boosted McAfee’s performance in third-party lab tests, at least on Windows 10. If the upcoming Windows 7 results are as good, McAfee’s rejuvenated malware-stopping power will put it in the top league of antivirus products.

Bottom Line

With flat fees for an unlimited number of devices, a strong complement of extra features and newly improved malware protection, McAfee’s antivirus products are among the best bargains in the antivirus industry. That’s especially true as three of them come with the excellent True Key password manager.

We still like Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus packages better, as they offer arguably better malware protection with a lighter system impact and a similar complement of extra features. But if you’ve got a big family with many devices and a tight budget, you could do worse than McAfee’s midrange antivirus products.



McAfee is a solid choice for PC protection, and the impact on your PC resources should be pretty minimal. The price points are okay, but you can find better value elsewhere. The McAfee desktop app needs a little work to make it more intuitive, and to optimize its design.



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