Adaware Antivirus (Free)

Adaware Free Antivirus Download

Adaware Antivirus is the latest PC protector from the company formerly known as Lavasoft, an experienced developer which has been producing PC security products since 1999. Adaware Antivirus Free is the company’s baseline product and offers only the bare minimum of protection: real-time blocking of malicious processes, infected files and downloads, and on-demand scanning from its core antivirus engine.

Adaware Free Antivirus

Notable features you don’t get include Adaware’s Active Virus Control, the apps’ behavior monitoring layer which can detect undiscovered malware based on its actions alone. That’s a major omission and leaves a significant hole in your security.

Adaware’s free edition also omits web protection (blocking of dangerous websites), real-time email protection (scanning of attachments as they arrive, although malware should still be picked up within an on-demand scan or if you try to access a file later), and technical support.

Upgrading to Adaware Antivirus Pro adds these features as well as banking protection, network protection and a firewall, for a reasonable price of £27 ($38) for a one year, one PC licence. That’s fair, although we noticed that unlike other providers, Adaware doesn’t offer a discount if you try to add more devices. Protecting one PC costs £27, for instance, and protecting 10 costs £270. Well, thanks.

Final verdict

Adaware fans might benefit from running the program alongside another antivirus apps as a second-opinion scanner, but the program is too underpowered to use as your first line of defense.

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