hindi fonts

For those who work in Hindi on Computer find it complex compared to English, Indian languages are difficult to word process. Now as the Indian users and Companies are growing with the usage of Native language processing, thus Hindi word processing is becoming popular and necessary. For word processing in Hindi any Word Processor like Microsoft Word or Open Office can do well, but the user should have any of the Hindi fonts installed in the Windows Fonts Directory. It is simple to use Hindi fonts as such the fonts are Free and can be downloaded from this website and after download it may be copied to the Fonts directory generally found under c:\windows\fonts. After the font is installed by copying to this directory, you can open the Word Processor and from the Fonts drop down menu can select the appropriate Hindi Font and start processing the document in Hindi.

Hindi Fonts are widely required by Web Masters and Bloggers for creating Web Pages in Indian Language Hindi while using Devanagri or Devnagri Fonts. Publication of Hindi Books and Articles on the Website require installation of Hindi popular fonts like KritiDev, Mangal, Madhukar etc.

If the webpages are not created in Unicode or Dynamic Hindi Fonts then it is required that the Hindi fonts which are used in Devnagri webpages are downloaded and installed on to the users PC or Laptop to enable him to view the webpages in Hindi. You can free download Hindi fonts and other Indian language word processor tools and Hindi OCR tools to enhance your work experience in Devanagri. Feel free to write to us if you any problem in downloading from any of the links.


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