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Beloved Avatar Meher Baba gathered His dearest Roda Mistry into His embrace on July 8, 2006 at 12.58 pm in Meherazad.  Rodi - as Baba would affectionately call her - passed away from a heart attack at 82 years of age. Cremation will be at Meherabad on July 9, 2006 at 10:00 am.

Roda's great fortune was being born into a family destined for such closeness to Beloved Baba that He considered their home His own.  Her Uncle Chanji, Baba's first secretary, brought the entire Dadachanji family to meet Baba for the first time at Meherabad when Roda was only 3 years old, and from that day on she was frequently in His company.  Not only did Baba visit their home many times during the 30's but He also called her to stay in the ashram now and again.  From early childhood until the end, Roda's life was guided by Baba and she lived solely to love and serve Him.

In 1948 Roda married Jimmy Mistry, and later gave birth to their three sons - Meherwan, Falu and Sarosh.  Roda's devotion to and love for Meher Baba throughout her married life was the touchstone by which her family was nurtured and guided.   After their children were grown and settled, in 1979 Roda and Jimmy moved to Meherabad to serve Him on the Trust estate.  Jimmy was a Trustee for Baba's Trust and Roda fulfilled her wish to serve by tending Baba's precious Samadhi.
In 1996, after Jimmy passed away, Roda moved to Meherazad where her son, Falu, had been living and serving since 1978.  And at Meherazad she continued to serve Him and to be a shining example of love for God despite the many physical trials she cheerfully faced. 


We, your Meherazad family, honour you, dearest Roda, for a life lived in one-pointed faith and commitment to your Beloved.
Arnavaz, Meheru, Katie, Falu and all at Meherazad


Photograph by Niket Kale - Download full images 755 KB

Roda Mistry, sister of Arnavaz and Nargis, and long-time resident of Meherazad passed into Meher Baba's Arms today (Saturday) around Noon Ahmednagar time. A lover of her Beloved Meher Baba since childhood, she was sweet natured and accepting of whatever Baba sent her in life. Roda was born into the Dadachanji family, whose first contact with Baba was her uncle, Framroze ("Chanji), Meher Baba's first secretary and early companion. Her husband, Jimmy, died some years ago. Nargis, whom many Western Baba lovers stayed with in Mumbai in the 1970's, passed away a few years ago. Roda has three sons, all steeped in Baba's Love and Presence since infants.

Her body is presently lying in state in Mandali Hall at Meherazad. She will be cremated at Meherabad at 10 AM (India time) on Sunday.

Avatar Meher Baba ki jai!