July 20, 2018

Internet Explorer 8

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[Description: Internet Explorer Version 8]

Internet Explorer 8 is a new release and some websites may not yet be ready for Internet Explorer 8. Click the Compatibility View toolbar button to display the website as viewed in Internet Explorer 7, which will correct display problems like misaligned text, images, or text boxes. This option is on a per site basis and all other sites will continue to display with Internet Explorer 8 functionality. To go back to browsing with Internet Explorer 8 functionality on that site, simply click the Compatibility View button again.

You can maintain a list within Internet Explorer 8 for sites that should be displayed in Compatibility View. From the Command Bar, select Tools, and then select Compatibility View Settings to add and remove sites from this list. There are also options for viewing all websites and intranet sites in Compatibility View.

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Internet Explorer useful plugins

(1) eNotes Internet Explorer Plugin:

Select any text area using your mouse and then right click on it. You will find the Context menu for taking e-Notes. Clicking this will save the Selected Text with images and links for further viewing to enotes.htm files on your PC. New selections will keep on Appending the content to the same file on Top. The eNotes plugin saves the content and also displays the webpage URL from where the text has been copied. No need to download and save the entire web page just take a note now.

[Not tested for IE higher versions like IE-7 and above by us]

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(2) IE-Plus

IEPlus is a add-on for Internet Explorer, that enhances your browsing experience with several new features. You can save entire web pages as image snapshots (.png, .gif, .tiff, .bmp), view page components in a tabbed media viewer, automatically refresh a tab every X minutes, block a variety of web ads, clean browsing history, advanced drag and drop features, mouse gesture navigation, IE crash recover, and more. The features are available from a newly added toolbar button.

[Not tested for IE higher versions like IE-7 and above by us]


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(3) SnipIT by Microsoft

SnipIT can be used to e-mail the selected text in Internet Explorer using the user’s e-mail client of choice. The add-on currently supports Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and default installed MailTo client in Internet Explorer as e-mail client options. Yahoo Mail Beta is not currently supported.


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(4) Browser Enhancement Tools

The Browser Enhancement Tools from UNH Solutions are great effort to increase the productivity of your Internet Explorer Browser in many different ways:

  • IE Privacy Keeper: Internet History Cleaner for IE
  • Get File Size: Right click on any file name and find the size before download if size is not specified.
  • Flash and Pics Control: Turn Pics and Flash off or on for faster Browsing experience.
  • Flash Saving Plugin: Save Flash files to your PC in desired pre-set location.
  • SWF Opener: handy and lite Flash player for downloaded flash movies.
  • Picture Ace Lite: Save Image files to your PC in desired pre-set location, by just right clicking and selecting to SavePic.
  • Easy Go Back: Use Mouse movement back and forth on webpages, without clicking default buttons.
  • [Not tested for IE higher versions like IE-7 and above by us]

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    [More Information & Features: Internet Explorer Version 8]

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    Enhanced Tabbed Browsing
    Have you ever opened a large number of tabs only to find yourself overwhelmed when you go back to review them? Internet Explorer 8 introduces Tab Groups, which make tabbed browsing easier. When one tab is opened from another, the new tab is placed next to the originating tab and color coded, so that you can quickly see which tabs have related content. If you close a tab that’s part of a group, another tab from the same group is displayed, enabling you to remain within the context of the current task rather than suddenly looking at an unrelated site. By right-clicking on any tab, you can close the tab, close the tab group, or remove the tab from a group. From the same menu, you can refresh one or all tabs, open a new tab, reopen the last tab closed, or see a list of all recently closed tabs and reopen any or all of them.

    Better Find On Page
    Internet Explorer 8 includes a completely redesigned Find On Page toolbar, which is activated by pressing Ctrl-F or choosing Find On Page from the Edit menu or Search box drop-down. Press the Alt key if you do not see the Edit menu option. The toolbar is integrated below the tab row, so that it does not obscure any content on the page. Instead of waiting for you to type an entire search term and hit Enter, the toolbar searches character-by-character as you type. Matches are highlighted in yellow on the page so that they’re easy to identify.

    Smarter Address Bar
    Can’t remember the full address of a new website you visited last week? Type a few characters in the new Address Bar and Internet Explorer 8 will automatically recall sites you’ve already visited based on your entry. It searches across your History, Favorites, and RSS Feeds, displaying matches from the website address or any part of the URL. As you type, matched characters are highlighted in blue so you can identify them at a glance. In addition, you can delete any address in the drop-down box by clicking on the red X. This is especially useful for getting rid of misspelled URLs.

    Redesigned New Tab page :
    The New Tab page loads quickly and provided links make it easier to get started on your next browsing activity:

    Use an Accelerator:
    Now you can use an Accelerator using any text you have copied to the clipboard.

    Browse with InPrivate:
    Start InPrivate Browsing and your browsing activities, history and cookies are not retained, and third party web content providers may be hindered from tracking your online activities without your consent.

    Reopen closed tabs:
    Reopen a tab that you’ve closed in your current browsing session, which can be helpful when a tab is accidentally or prematurely closed.

    Reopen your last browsing session:
    Reopen all tabs that were open when Internet Explorer 8 was last closed, which can be useful if you accidentally close the browser.

    Improved Zoom:
    Adaptive Page Zoom improves upon traditional zoom-in/zoom-out functionality in the browser by intelligently relaying out the page content and eliminating the need to scroll left and right. This will improve your ability to magnify pages with small fonts and be able to read more on the web.

    A better back button:
    When using rich applications such as mapping on the Internet, you may be taken to the beginning of the application instead of the previous page when you hit the back button. Now when you hit the back button, more pages will behave the way you expect.


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    [Reviews: of Internet Explorer Version 8]

    Reviewed by: Robert Vamosi
    Reviewed on: 03/06/2008

    Perhaps acknowledging its declining market share among Internet browsers, Microsoft is borrowing several popular features from Firefox and Safari in its release of Internet Explorer 8 beta 1. Although intended primarily for developers, the beta is public and should be used with caution.

    We downloaded the 14.4MB file, then waited as Microsoft downloaded any missing Internet Explorer updates, checked for malicious code on our machine, and finally installed the browser. We then had to reboot. Our system crashed during the reboot and had to be manually restarted (but remember, this is a beta).

    After restarting Windows, we were not prompted to do anything. Only after clicking on Internet Explorer did we find that Version 7 had been overwritten with Version 8 beta. A first-time-use wizard walked us through configuration and personalization. There’s the Express Settings option, which accepts the settings from your previous Internet Explorer installation, and there’s Choose My Settings. We chose Choose My Settings, and we were asked to:

    change default search engine (we kept ours Google)
    change Activity Providers (see below)
    enable Safety Filter (yes)
    make Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 your default (no)
    import settings from another browser (yes)

    Activity Providers, according to Microsoft, are default pages for maps, encyclopedia information, and social networks. Accepting Microsoft’s defaults puts you firmly within the Microsoft universe of Windows Live spaces: Blog with Windows Live Spaces, Define with Encarta, Translate with Windows Live, and send with Windows Live Hotmail. We chose not to install any of these. Later we found that Microsoft has partnered with Facebook, eBay, StumbleUpon, Yahoo, Windows Live, and MSN, and provides “activities” associated with each. By choosing StumbleUpon, for example, we found that we can set Internet Explorer to always check StumbleUpon for reviews of a Web page, for related content associated with a Web site, for up-to-the-minute feeds of popular sites, or StumbleUpon itself. If you check for more Activities, you will find a Page Not Found.

    The Safety Filter exists in the latest release of Internet Explorer and is the antiphishing part of the browser. In Version 8, Microsoft adds malware prevention, actively scanning a downloading page for malicious content. Unlike other safe-surfing applications we’ve seen, Microsoft displays a warning. We think it might be better to flag the user, say, in a pop-up window. Efforts to find what Microsoft found objectionable were futile; you could either block the threat or allow it without ever knowing what “it” is.

    When we typed in maps.google.com, Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 crashed. Fortunately, Microsoft has borrowed the Session Recovery feature from Mozilla Firefox. Dubbed Automatic Crash Recovery (ACR), the Microsoft feature only crashes the tab, not the whole browser, and attempts to restore the tab individually. Apparently Google Maps did not crash the page, but our Google Toolbar did. After several attempts to recover the page, Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 asked if we wanted to close the tab.

    Another borrowed feature is Web Slices. At the moment, only a handful of sites offer slices, so it’s hard to judge how well this works in the wild. Apple Safari has a similar feature, allowing you to create applets on your desktop with snippets from live Web sites. Microsoft isn’t that ambitious, as the site snippets only work within the Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 browser.

    If you load Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 and then decide you don’t like it, you can click the Emulate IE7 button to return your browser to the look and feel of the current version. Check back to see our take on beta 2 and the final release expected later in 2008.

    [Review Source]

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