April 9, 2020

BitDefender AntiVirus

Romania-based Bitdefender is increasingly one of the top antivirus choices these days. It’s also a company not content to sit on its laurels, as evidenced by Bitdefender Total Security, its full security suite.

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The look of Bitdefender Total Security is reminiscent of many other antivirus suites. The color scheme is dark grey and black, with essential information displayed in blue or green text to highlight it. The main navigation is in the left rail, where you can switch between the various menu options while viewing details in the main part of the window.

One nice touch is how Bitdefender continually shows the status of your PC at the top of the main window for the first three options in the left rail. That does, however, make it a little hard to figure out what’s going on when you switch between them—each section has the same basic color scheme.


Bitdefender gets high marks for its malware performance, and its impact on system resources were nominal in our tests. Bitdefender’s overall app design is good and easy to understand. Pricing is typical at $90 for a year of protection on up to five devices (new customers get a 45% discount for their first year) and $100 for 10 devices. The app also stays out of your way, which is nice, though you can’t miss those green check marks when clicking around the web.

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