January 23, 2020

Wickr Chat App

Wickr Messenger App for Chat FREE

A self-destructing message app, Wickr transfers control of mobile messaging from the receiver to the sender. This means that you get to decide how long your message sticks around. Before you send it, you can choose a self-destruct time ranging from a few seconds to more than five days. Once the timer runs out, your message will be erased from the recipient’s phone.

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The user interface is quite simple. When you open a new message, just tap the lock icon to start the self-destruct timer. Each message has a live countdown so you know how long you have until it disappears. Your messages can contain text, images, video, audio, or attached files. Wickr includes convenient integration with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, so you can send files directly from your cloud storage.

Wickr searches your contacts for people you know that also use the app and automatically adds them to your contacts list. However, you can open a Wickr account without a phone number or e-mail address, and one of your contacts hasn’t added this information, you’ll have to add them by their username.

The app offers 4,096-bit RSA encryption, an extremely secure protocol. This actually exceeds the NSA Suite B Compliancy guidelines, meaning it’s compliant with top-secret communication guidelines. It also deletes all all meta-data from your messages, like date, time, location, and device information.

Even with this level of security, messages are encrypted and sent quickly—in my testing, it only took a few seconds to encrypt a text message with a 2MB photo, and it was delivered just as fast.


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