January 23, 2020

Messenger (Facebook)

Facebook Messenger FREE

Facebook messenger

Stunningly Simple
The sheer ubiquity of Facebook is Facebook Messenger’s best feature. Unlike virtually every other over-the-top messaging service, you probably won’t have to poke and prod your friends to sign up. And even if they are somehow not on Facebook, the full SMS replacement option means you can seamlessly send them messages from the same app. The third-party app integration isn’t as seamless as other offerings, but it rounds out an already robust slate of features including GIFs, emoji, various media, and the excellent sticker store. The recently unveiled Secret Conversations feature is icing on an already excellent cake. It’s an Editors’ Choice winner for mobile messaging on Android.

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Facebook has confirmed that normal messages sent through Facebook Messenger are encrypted in transit to avoid interception, but Facebook manages the encryption keys. That means that Facebook, or law enforcement with a court order, could conceivably read those messages. Secret Conversations are encrypted using the open-source Signal protocol, and cannot be read by anyone other than you and the message’s recipient. The Signal technology is also being used to secure the excellent Signal Android app, WhatsApp messages, and Incognito messages for Google Allo.

Facebook Messenger is one of the best ways to chat over text, SMS, video, voice, or encrypted messaging and has tons of fun stickers to boot. Best of all, everyone you know probably has an account already.



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