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Meher Baba information website

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Meher Baba information WebSite URL is now www.trustMeher.org. Find information on Meher Baba – Meher Baba web sites websites Avatar MEHERBABA Perfect Master India Meher Baba Religion Spiritual Persons Indian Gurus Masters Meher . Please visit www.trustMeher.org for information about Meher Baba Books, Films, Meher Baba Centers, Baba’s Mandali, places of Pilgrimage like Meherabad and Meherazad and information to visit the Tomb Shrine or Meher Baba’s Samadhi. Also contact information for the TRUST.

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Meher Baba

Meher Baba was born Merwan Sheriar Irani, into a Zoroastrian family in Pune (India); just after finishing his High Schools, he became God Realized through the Divine Blessings of Hazrat Babajan a Muslim women Sadguru in 1913 at the tender age of 19 years. With this touch of Hazrat Babajan, Merwan lost normal consciousness and started experiencing the Adwaita or Divine Bliss State, a state of consciousness that caused his worldly family to worry about his divine absorption. Though they were concerned about his condition, no remedy was found. At an inward urge, Merwan traveled to the ashrams of three other great Spiritual Masters of his time: Sai Baba, Narayan Maharaj, Tajuddin Baba. Finally in 1915 he met Upasni Maharaj of Sakori.

Meher Baba as Merwan was in contact with Upasni Maharaj for seven years and under his guidance gradually regained consciousness of the world without losing his eternal God State. In the early 1920’s his followers started calling him “Meher Baba.” Dwelling with these disciples at various locations, Meher Baba and his followers settled down at a place now called Meherabad around 5 kms from Ahmednagar City in Maharastra State of India, and this small hill with some land around it became the “Ashram” of Meher Baba and his disciples.

On the 10th of July 1925 he announced that he would be observing Silence to emphasize that mere words are meaningless unless one is prepared to live one’s life according to them, and continued an unbroken Silence for 44 years until 1969 when he dropped his physical body. Meher Baba observed Silence for the rest of his life during an era of Radio and technology, when the world was facing an uncontrollable desire to talk to each other. Meher Baba in spite of his Silence was active and communicative through an Alphabet Board in earlier years and later through hand gestures language. Some of his close disciples developed a good understanding of his communication methods and instantly articulated his words to visitors. In addition books were given by him through the medium of the gestures or alphabet board, and were scrupulously edited by him, word for word, before they were sent for printing.

From 1925 to 1969 Meher Baba extensively traveled many countries around the world including America, Australia and within India working with the poor, lepers or meeting God-Intoxicated persons (known in some Indian languages as “masts”). The Words of his Divine Knowledge are available in the form of wonderful Books like God Speaks, Discourses, and some recently discovered manuscripts published as Infinite Intelligence.

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