May 26, 2020
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Utility Tools

Disposable Email IDs

Disposable email ID are required on the fly for downloading some software, or signing up at some website or filling some form, as we do not want to share our real email ID to avoid SPAM. Our primary email providers like google, outlook etc do not provide any provision for on the fly email ID creation which can be disposed when not in use. So if you are also looking for disposable email IDs for temporary or occasional requirement where you can access emails in inbox for a day or two only [//..Read More.. //]

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Cloud Storage

MEGA Free Cloud Storage

Mega is a very viable option especially for users for whom privacy and security are of utmost importance. Another draw for the service is its bouquet of apps that not only caters to the regular users but also serves several advanced and niche use-cases as well. ( [//..Read More.. //]